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My Favourite Albums of 2020

December 28th, 2020

I don’t think anyone needs me to say how shit this year has been, so I won’t. Enough has been written about that already and besides, understatements like that aren’t needed right now.

But what is needed – what is always needed – is great music and 2020 delivered that in abundance.

Being at home more this year means I’ve listened to more music than ever before – and trust me, I normally listen to a lot – and it’s been an absolute joy discovering so much great new music.

So much, that I struggled to cut down my list to a manageable number. But I’ve done it and I’m happy with it. I think.

As ever when I do a post like this, there are a few disclaimers.

First, music isn’t a competition so I don’t present them in any kind of numerical order.

Second, I make no claims that these are the ‘best’ albums of the year, that they push any musical boundaries or that they are groundbreaking in any way. They are merely the albums that I’ve enjoyed the most and returned to again and again and again. They are my favourites.

Third, only albums of new material are included. Best ofs, live albums and compilations – whilst worthy releases – don’t count in my eyes. Besides, they would have made the list longer & tougher to narrow down.

So there we have it. Another year (mostly) over, another Favourite Albums list done. I’d love to know if you agree or disagree with any of my choices. Or if you discover something new on it.

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