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October 3rd, 2018

A few weeks backs, Thom Yorke released the first track from his upcoming soundtrack to the film ‘Suspiria’.

‘Suspirium’ is an enchanting piano track in the vein of ‘Sail To The Moon’ and ‘Pyramid Song’. Rising and falling, it lilts and sways as Thom’s falsetto dances around the space it creates. A flute floats in, creating a duet of sorts.

In other words, it’s utterly gorgeous and has me really excited to hear the soundtrack in full. It also reminded me of a couple of things I’ve never gotten round to posting on here before. So I’ll do it now.

First up is a live session version of ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’, his collaboration with Unkle. I’m pretty sure it was recorded with the Atoms For Peace live band but you’d hardly know they’re there. Bar the softly shuffling barely there percussion, it’s pretty much just Thom’s voice and his piano. Rather wonderfully, he even performs the spoken word part (originally sampled from the film ‘Jacob’s Ladder’) himself.

And then there’s this solo piano version of the Atoms For Peace track ‘Ingenue’. Recorded live on the Jonathan Ross show, it’s a million miles away from the squelchy keys and jittery drums of the version on ‘Amok’. It’s more fragile, revealing the humanity beneath the electronics. Not better, just different.

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