To Die By Your Side

Like a death of the heart

September 2nd, 2018

I’m a bit of a late comer when it comes to Sharon Van Etten.

Though not quite as late as I am at writing about her here on the blog.

She’s one of those artists whose name I kept coming across in various magazines and blogs that I read but whose actual music never seemed to make it into my ears. That is, until I read something about the track ‘Your Love Is Killing Me’ from her album ‘Are We There’.

I forgot where I read about it or indeed what it actually said but I remember the words made it sound like the kind of song I needed in my life. Not to mention my record collection. So I checked it out, instantly fell in love with this devastatingly brutal song and soon found myself searching out and devouring it’s parent album. Over and over, again and again and again. Sharon Van Etten has one of those voices that is both seductively rich and achingly world weary and listening to her now makes me wish I’d discovered her much earlier. ‘Your Love Is Killing Me’ may be track three but in reality, it’s the centrepiece of a brooding album that bares it’s aching soul for all who choose to look close enough.

I’m slowly making my way through Sharon Van Etten’s back catalogue, with her previous album ‘Tramp’ currently on rotation. Though I have to be honest, it’s not grabbing as quickly as ‘Are We There’ did. It feels like an artist still discovering how to get the music in their head out into the world. Something that I don’t feel she did until ‘Are We There’.

But anyway, the reason I’m bringing up Sharon Van Etten today is because of her cover version of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘New York I Love You’. Recorded live at the BBC Proms, she and The Heritage Orchestra give James Murphy’s torch song the full big band treatment that was always lurking below the surface. Wonderful stuff. Enjoy!

Listen to Sharon Van Etten – New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (Live LCD Soundsystem Cover Version) –

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