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January 4th, 2017

So a couple of months ago me and my friend Tom decided to try recording a podcast about, well, about nothing really. We just turned on a couple of mics and started talking about whatever came into our minds. No agenda. No topic. No planning and no research. In fact, no real thought other than this could be a bit of fun.

And it was. For us at least. We’ve not really had much feedback but we enjoyed doing the first one so much that we’ve done another couple since. So I thought I’d mention them on here and while I can’t really say how entertaining, funny or informative you’ll find them, I thought it was worth attempting to bring them to a wider audience. If you’re intrigued enough to want to have a listen or you’ve got a spare 30 minutes or so or you’ve always wanted to know what my voice actually sounds like, then go have a listen.

You can listen here on Soundcloud, you can subscribe here on iTunes or you can follow us on Twitter and click the links from there. And to give you a little feel for what to expect, here are the teasers we produced for each of the episodes.

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