To Die By Your Side

Way back in 2006

April 3rd, 2016

Ten years ago, when I had more hair, better eyesight and a lot more time on my hands, a music blogger named Tim asked me to take part in a podcast he was putting together. His idea was to collect together a merry band of music bloggers from around the world’s growing mp3 blog scene. Similar in feel to The Avengers, only with less emphasis on super powers and lycra suits and more emphasis on indie rock. The podcast was to be titled Contrast Podcast and the aim was to not only showcase and promote the music each blogger loved but hopefully also create a bit of traffic back to their own blogs. Each week a theme would be chosen and sent out. Each blogger would then carefully (or hastily depending on how much time they had) choose a song inspired in some way, shape or form by that theme and record an introduction to it. Rather suitably, the theme of the first ever Contrast Podcast was ‘The Number One’.

I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t take part in that very first podcast. Actually thinking about it, I believe it was my distinct lack of microphone. A basic necessity and something which, I think you’ll agree, is a bit of a stumbling block when needing to record an introduction. Remember kids, this was the dark old days before the advent of smart phones. In fact, it wasn’t to be until Episode Three that I made my podcasting debut. A turn of events that came about after a visit to the local pound shop where I invested in the finest microphone that one solitary English pound could buy.

Episode Three‘s theme was ‘Perfect Three Minutes’ and my particular song choice for inclusion was the bubblegum Britpop hit ‘Punka’ by Kenickie (aka Lauren Laverne’s former day job). If you don’t know the song, you really should. It was a great, nay inspired, choice if I do say so myself and more than likely a song I’d probably still pick today. Which either tells you something about the quality of the song or how little my music tastes have moved on. I’ll let you decide which. I’ll also let you keep your opinion to yourself.

I can’t remember how many more episodes I contributed to and frankly, after a night where my son decided to vomit on the hour every hour, I’m feeling far too lazy to check, so lets just say it was a few. Sadly, my free time began to wane and so did my contributions. Eventually I bowed out, replaced by others and probably not missed in the slightest. Tim however was made of far more committed stuff than me and for the ten years that followed, he continued to curate and create regular podcasts.

As of Easter Sunday this year, Contrast Podcast has published 258 episodes. A fantastic achievement and one which Tim decided to celebrate by collecting together 10 of the earliest contributors for a 10th anniversary episode on the theme of, you guessed it, ‘The Number Ten’. He was kind enough to invite me back and I leapt at the opportunity. I won’t reveal my song choice but will tease you with the knowledge that it is potentially the least celebratory song I could have picked. You’ll discover my reason why when you listen to it.

Which you can do by clicking here.

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