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My Favourite Albums of 2015

December 31st, 2015

So… it’s that time of year where I remember that I used to write a regular blog and then put a post together where I’ve compiled my favourite albums of the year.

To break from tradition though, I’m not going to start this one with any excuses, justification or explanation of why I haven’t posted here for the last year. Instead, I’m just gonna launch straight into it. So here we go…

In order to compile this list properly, I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so listening back to all the 2015 releases I’d heard. Surprisingly, I’d actually listened to more than I thought and the majority of them offered something to enjoy. Though not all stood up to or really enticed me enough to garner repeated listens. Those that survived the cull certainly deserve their place on the final list. What’s also good to see is, as well as some reliable old favourites, I’m still finding new music that excites me. And, while I hate to use the phrase ‘return to form’, there’s a couple of artists on there who I really wouldn’t have expected to have made the grade at the beginning of the year. All in all, I think 2015 has been a pretty good year for music and frankly, I could have easily left another 3 or 4 on there.

As ever, this list comes with the usual disclaimer. I make no attempt to suggest that these are the best, most creative or cutting edge albums. These are simply the 16 albums I’ve enjoyed and returned to the most this year. All are worthy of your time and money, so go buy them from your local record store, listen to them on your favourite streaming sites or get out and see them live if you can.

Now, without further ado or unnecessary waffle, I present to you my favourite albums of 2015.

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