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September 3rd, 2011

I can’t remember if I wrote about them at the time but I first came across Airship when they supported Frightened Rabbit last year. While they didn’t blow the Scottish boys off stage, they were certainly impressive. In fact, they were probably the best support act I’ve seen in a while. So good that I sought out their debut EP and while it was quite a bit slicker than their live show, it certainly hinted at good things to come. Since then, they kind of fell off my radar and if I’m honest, I’d pretty much forgotten about them. Until now.

With their debut album due for release on Monday, it seems they’re back and while I’ve not heard the record itself, I thought I’d post these stripped back versions in anticipation. From the EP I’ve heard and the live set I saw, the band play big melodic indie that verges on the epic but manages not to stray into contrived territory. They remind me a bit of the kind of indie bands that were around at the end of the Shoegaze period. Bands that continued that sweeping sound but rather than hide it behind swathes of filtered woozy guitars were far more direct. Of course I could be wrong and the album may be completely different to how I remember the band but judging by these session tracks, it’s sounds like they’ve built on the promise of last year.

Airship – algebra (live session version) : original version available on ‘Stuck In This Ocean

Airship – kids (live session version) : original version available on ‘Stuck In This Ocean

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