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August 28th, 2011

Seeing as I’ve mentioned them in the last two posts, I reckon I ought to at least say a few more words about Male Bonding and their new album ‘Endless Now‘. Especially as it’s been on fairly high rotation since I got it. So here we go. Clocking in at just 36 minutes, ‘Endless Now’ is a zippy blast of fuzzy, scuzzy rock that’s owes as much to the early 90s alt rock sound as it does to the punks of the late 70s. Yet while their page on Sub-Pop’s site describes them as noise rock, I think that’s some way off the truth. To me, that suggests an impenetrable racket where in truth, beneath the buzzsaw guitar and lo-fi production, there are some great melodies and pop hooks at play. Not to mention the fact that the vocals have a dreamlike shoe-gaze haze to them which just makes the whole thing far more palatable than anything you could describe as noise rock.

Nor would you really describe this album as complicated. From the opening bass of ‘Tame The Sun’ to the closing drum and handclaps of ‘Dig You Out’, this is a record that just puts it’s head down and gets on with the job at hand. It’s fast and frenetic, paying homage to the pre-grunge era but thankfully never becoming a pastiche. ‘Bones’ is all hazy and swooshing, ‘Before It’s Gone’ is a punky blast that manages to seem laid back, while the blink and you miss it spaced out acoustic ‘The Saddle’ is the album’s brief gather your breath moment before the pace resumes. Thankfully there’s enough energy, hooks and ideas to make that constant driving momentum thrilling, rather than draining.

As much as ‘Endless Now’ looks back over it’s shoulder for it’s influences, it’s still a relevant record for today. Certainly, it’s one that I’ve found myself listening to again and again over the last few weeks and one that I reckon will stay on my playlist for some time to come. So yeah, I reckon everyone should enjoy a bit of Male Bonding. So to speak.

Male Bonding – dig you out (live session version) : original version available on ‘Endless Now

Male Bonding – tame the sun (live session version) : original version available on ‘Endless Now

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