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Not My Favourite Albums Of 2010

December 20th, 2010

Well I’ve done it. I’ve finally chosen my favourite albums of the year. It took a little longer than I thought but I eventually whittled a pretty long list down to a selection of just 15 albums. While I could easily have rounded it up to 20 I decided not to. 20 felt like it was just too a few many. Like I was making concessions to albums I’m not entirely convinced by. It did however mean that there was some serious to-ing and fro-ing over the inclusion and exclusion of a couple of them. Having said that, I’ve lived with the 15 chosen albums for a few days now and I’m happy that they they are the albums that I genuinely think are great records. However because I took so long deciding on them, I’ve not yet written anything about them. So rather than rush out the publication of My Favourite 15 Albums of 2010, I thought I’d stretch the process out a little longer and tease you with a rather long list of the albums that were considered but that didn’t quite make it.

So here they are. Some of them came really close to being including. Some of them were crossed out pretty quickly. None of them are dreadful but they all lack, for one reason or another, a certain something that means I haven’t quite connected with them. You may be surprised that some of these didn’t make the final list. Or you may not. Who knows, you may even be able to guess what has made the final 15. Either way, I thought it might make for an interesting post. Oh and in case you’re wondering, they aren’t in any particular order so don’t read anything like that into it.

Frightened Rabbit – Winter Of Mixed Drinks : listen to Things (live session version)

These New Puritans – Hidden

Massive Attack – Heligoland : listen to Atlas Air (live session version)

Les Savy Fav – Root For Ruin

Interpol – Interpol : listen to Summer Well (live session version)

Band Of Horses – Infinite Arms

Gil Scott Heron – I’m New Here : listen to I’m New Here (Smog Cover live acoustic session version)

The Vaselines – Sex With An X

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach : listen to To Binge (live session version)

!!! – Strange Weather Isn’t It

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs : listen to Month Of May (live on Later With Jools Holland)

Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle

Hole – Nobody’s Daughter : listen to Pacific Coast Highway (live acoustic session version)

Nina Nastasia – Outlaster

Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me

Efterklang – Magic Chairs : listen to I Was Playing Drums (live session version)

The Drums – The Drums

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record : listen to Art House Director (live acoustic session version)

Dark Night Of The Soul – Dark Night Of The Soul

Jonsi – Go : listen to Go Do (live acoustic session version)

She & Him – Volume Two

Villagers – Becoming a Jackal

Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks : listen to The Truth Is In The Dirt (live session version)

Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Antony & the  Johnsons – Swanlights

Kele – The Boxer : listen to Everything You Wanted (live session version)

Vampire Weekend – Contra

Midlake – The Courage Of Others

Manic Street Preachers – Postcards From A Young Man : listen to (It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love (Live Acoustic Session Version)

The Dead Weather – Sea Of Cowards

John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up!

Klaxons – Surfing the Void : listen to Echoes (live session version)

The Fall – Your Future Our Clutter

Sparrow & The Workshop – Crystals Fall

Paul Weller – Wake Up The Nation : listen to No Tears To Cry (live session version)

Shearwater – The Golden Archipelago

Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You : listen to Do-Wah-Doo (live acoustic session version)

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

The Chemical Brothers – Further

Holy Fuck – Latin : listen to latin america (live session version)

Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer – Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown

Eels – Tomorrow Morning

Brandon Flowers – Flamingo : listen to Hard Enough (live acoustic session version)

Sufjan Stevens – The Age Of Adz

The National – High Violet

The Charlatans – Who We Touch : listen to My Foolish Pride (live session version)

Broken Bells – Broken Bells

The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night

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Rach posted the following on December 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm.

At first I thought this was your favorite albums list…
Now I see that these are not your favorite albums and I feel much better seeing Kings of Leon on it.

Only a couple of these that I have to disagree with it, BSS and The National. I would be interested to know why you didn’t like High Violet I have been struggling since it came out to exactly why I like it so much.

motovres posted the following on January 16, 2011 at 3:24 am.

that version of GO DO by Jonsi is sublime. And I believe it’s different than the “Go Quiet” version, but may be the same. Can you verify what session this is from? If you happpen to have the entire session (or even just this song) still avail I would love to have it. I could trade you mp3s of “Go Quiet” if you don’t have.

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